In English

Some say we are living in the post-truth era. With the increasing availability of information, it is easy to cherry-pick facts that suit your own hypotheses and ideology. It even seems that people value research and reliable information less and less.

So what?

If we relinquish science and devalue the reliability of information and the skill of critical thinking, humankind suffers.

The effects are already present

We are using valuable time needed for solving the climate crisis for arguing about whether it exists.

Illnesses previously eradicated with vaccines are spreading once again.

Information warfare pits groups with opposing views and ideologies against each other online – with violent real-world consequences.

What to do?

Just increasing the amount of information is not enough. We need to democratise the scientific method, and equip individuals with abilities for evaluating the information they are presented with.

Join the hackathon to find solutions to the multiple problems we are faced with:

  • Should we teach the scientific method at school?
  • Is university the best environment for truth-seeking and for using and developing the scientific method?
  • How could businesses make use of scientific thinking?
  • What are deep fakes and how to deal with how they are changing the information landscape?
  • How should societies and nations react to the effects that troll armies have on mutual trust and the foundations of democracy?

There is a mountain of questions that beckon answers, join us in discovering them!

Application form in English here. Please apply by October 2nd 23.59.